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Appointment consultation

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Acute consultation hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Consultation only with appointment on Saturday:

From 09:00 – 12:00 hours only with appointment

Evening consultations

By appointment only


We want to keep waiting times short. We therefore kindly ask you to make an appointment on the telephone number 069 – 727819.

Alternatively, you can use our online appointment tool.

Due to the higher expenditure of time, we only offer the following examinations and treatments by prior appointment:

  • Preventive examinations and health check-ups
  • Stress ECG
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Spa, rehabilitation or insurance applications
  • Health insurance inquiries or expert reports
  • Travel medical advice and travel vaccinations
  • High need for discussion (e.g. in case of depression or burn out)

Please state these reasons when making an appointment so that we can plan more time for you.

In the interest of the other patients, if you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel in good time

Consultation hour without an appointment

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We offer acute consultation hours every day. You can find the times above in the table. Patients with an appointment should not have to wait longer than 30 minutes if possible. For this reason, they will be given preferential treatment. We ask for your understanding. Of course, acute emergencies are always treated first. With a high volume of patients, it is unfortunately not always possible to avoid long waiting times for patients which present without an appointment.

Questions about acute and emergency consultation hours (= open consultation hours)

The advantage of an acute or open consultation is clearly that you can have acute complaints resolved at short notice. The open consultation hours are therefore gladly accepted by patients with urgent concerns.

Unfortunately, it can also happen that a large number of patients visit the practice without an urgent reason. The offer is therefore only aimed at those who need to have acute complaints clarified. This is why we kindly ask you to state the reason for your visit. Only this reason will be treated in the acute consultation hour. We also reserve the right to sort the dates by priority so that it can happen, that your desired date cannot be accepted. In this case, you will receive an alternative appointment. Furthermore, we ask for your understanding that a new appointment has to be arranged for all reasons put forward in addition to the actual reason for the acute appointment.

When can I come to the acute and emergency consultation hours:

Every day between11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

What other rules are there for this office hour:

In order to satisfy a large number of patients in such an open consultation without long waiting times, we have observed, that certain rules have proven their worth:

  • Please only provide ONE reason for treatment.
  • Please only assume a maximum of 5 minutes of talk time.
  • Please assume a waiting time of up to 2 hours.

If necessary, we will arrange a normal appointment for more detailed discussions and investigations as well as other advisory events.

Can I choose a doctor at an acute or emergency consultation?

No, this acute consultation hour is carried out daily by another doctor from our team, who is exempt from the normal consultation hour.

Speaking of waiting time: When we speak of a waiting time in an acute case, we naturally do not mean life-threatening conditions such as acute shortness of breath. Of course, these are always dealt with immediately. Therefore, clearly describe your problems at the reception.

Do you have a question on this topic that we do not answer here? Then please put it to the practice team and we will answer your questions on this topic.


For a blood sample, we would like to ask you to also make an appointment, as there may be longer waiting times. Normally blood samples are taken daily between 8 a.m. and 8.30a.m. It makes sense to appear without having eaten to blood sampling, i.e. not to consume any foods or drinks containing sugar or fat in the 12 hours beforehand. Depending on the blood value to determinate, these times can significantly be shorter.

If you want a laboratory examination for reasons other than regular check-ups, a previous doctor’s appointment is necessary.

Even if you have to appear fasting to take blood samples, you should take your medication as usual. Except insulin. Only inject your insulin as soon as you can have breakfast. You are always allowed to drink a glass of water before your appointment.