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Hospital Admissions

As resident doctors, we are obliged to see all patients in the practice before an admission to a hospital can be issued.

Furthermore, hospital admissions are only issued by the doctor who wants the examination. An example: If a orthopedist has given the recommendation for a operation in the hospital, then he must also issue the admission. If, however, the indication for a treatment in the hospital is given in our practice, you will receive the admission from us.

Preliminary examination before admission to a hospital

Many hospitals do the preparatory exams themselves. Sometimes a clinic also requests a preliminary examination (usually laboratory and EKG) from us. However, this is only possible if you are not hospitalized for the operation. You must submit the request from the hospital for the required examinations. Unfortunately, we cannot carry out preliminary examinations without the hospital’s request. Consultation in the doctor’s office is also mandatory for these examinations. Please make an appointment for this. All other examinations must be carried out by the clinic itself.


Basically, all surgeons are obliged to carry out the post-treatment (change of dressing changes, suture removal, etc.) themselves. If the surgeon wants to hand over these tasks to us, he must issue a request that contains the operation and the date of the operation. Without this transfer, the health insurance companies will not pay for the follow-up treatment and in this case we will have to refer you to the clinic again.

Usually, the hospital itself is obliged to provide follow-up care up to three weeks after discharge.

Referral to other specialists

As resident doctors, we have to carefully examine the indication for referrals to other specialist groups. If you have a chronic illness that requires regular specialist examinations, this referral can be requested stating the illness. In all other cases, a consultation with one of our doctors is necessary.

Preventive medical check-ups are excluded from this rule. A diagnosis is always required for a referral to another doctor.

An Anästhesisten (Narkoseärzte) stellen wir grundsätzlich keine Überweisungen aus, da dies der Arzt machen muss, der den Narkosearzt beauftragt. .