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Dr. Reitsamer switched back to the clinic at the beginning of 2020. He is still available to the practice as a contact person in the clinic.

curriculum vitae

Studied medicine, physics and philosophy at the University of Frankfurt. Graduation with “Magna cum laude”. Has worked as a doctor in general internal medicine, especially cardiology and gastroenterology. Afterwards research and clinical work at the Northwest Hospital in the area of therapy for tumor diseases and hematology-oncology.
In 2013 he then moved to Marien-Hospital in Darmstadt as senior physician. Responsible for general sonographic diagnostics and endoscopy. At the same time work as an expert for the MDK Bayern for hemato-oncological issues. In 2015 he moved to the Offenbach Clinic as senior physician, responsible for sonographic diagnostics and as senior physician in the oncological outpatient department.